Historic Turbos

Cherished Projects

Turbo Classics

TT’s involvement from the earliest days of turbo cars provides an ideal base to support restoration projects. Many historic turbo parts are still manufactured by TT for such iconic models as the SAAB 99, Escort RS, Sierra and Escort Cosworths, Lancia Integrale and other classics.

TT was also heavily involved in supporting ‘works’ teams including British Leyland and Ford, and many of these cars are still running in historic racing series.

Historic Turbo

Original Parts

Parts Manufacture

Using original designs, many parts are manufactured in-house to replace components that are no longer available from the OEMs.  From component parts to complete turbos, we have it covered!

Competition Support

Uprate Parts

When used in competition or historic racing, it may be necessary to change key parts of a turbo.  Some of the original parts may need to be modified or strengthened to meet increased demand and ensure reliability.  Many parts are still manufactured and TT has long experience in this field. 

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