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VSR 500

The Turbo Technics VSR 500 (Vibration Sorting Rig) Series models are high-speed core balancing machines for measuring and correcting imbalance of larger turbocharger core assemblies, covering commercial vehicle and heavy industrial applications. The VSR 500 series is designed for high versatility and comprises a range of machines suitable for use from low-volume repair work to medium-volume production lines.

As larger commercial vehicle turbocharger pressures and speeds have increased, high speed balancing of the rotating assembly has become necessary to achieve reliability. This trend was recognised by Turbo Technics in the mid-2000’s and led to the development of the VSR Mk5 which has evolved into the current VSR 500 series.


VSR 500
VSR 500




A large range of quick-change CHRA-specific housing adapters are available, including standard and reverse rotation types.


Turbo Technics offer a comprehensive range of accessories and adapters for all test machines. Additional optional components allow machines to be tailored to your specification.


UK Design & build

As with all TT machines, the VSR 500 series uses the latest touch-screen technology, an intuitive interface and in-built connectivity which allows remote technical support from TT via the internet. The easy to use software can be quickly mastered in a few hours with additional free training available at TT UK HQ if required.

The unique design of the machines allows for many years of accurate and reliable service.

All Turbo Technics machines are designed and built in the UK and available through the TT distributor network.

VSR 500

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In addition to the VSR 500, several models are available to suit the various demands of the turbo industry.

Machine TypeVSR 500VSR 510VSR 520
Reverse Rotation
Automatic Door Opening
Oil Mist Extraction
Automatic Rotor Clamp
Automatic Speed / Cycle Control

Production line machines such as the VSR 540 and VSR 550 can be customised to accommodate semi-automatic operation to individual customer specification.

VSR 500 series benefits &

Key Features

The VSR 500 is designed for high versatility and quick model change. The compact footprint, speed of operation and simplicity of integration make it perfect for all workshops.

VSR 500 series benefits &

Key Features

  • Versatile machine for larger turbo cores
  • Balancing speeds up to 150,000 rpm
  • Wide range of turbine housing adapters, standard and reverse rotation
  • 3 stage oil filtration with temperature control
  • Automatic oil purge
  • Standard single phase electrical connection
  • Excellent air efficiency
  • Robust steel cabinet with ergonomic design
  • Touch-screen computer operation
  • Intuitive operation – free training at UK headquarters
  • User configurable software and templates
  • Quick model change over
  • Automation options
  • Reverse rotation software included
  • User interface language options
  • VSR™ vibration measurement in gpk
  • Balance tests can be printed and saved
  • Remote technical support and software updates via internet
  • Used by Turbo Technics and major OEMs
  • Fully tested and calibrated prior to delivery
  • Safety interlocked, PAT tested, CE certificated
  • UK manufacture
  • 24 month warranty

The VSR 500 is designed for high versatility and quick model change. The compact footprint, speed of operation and simplicity of integration make it perfect for all workshops.

VSR 500

VSR 500

Technical Specification

Balancing SpeedRanges up to 150,000 rev/min
Impeller Tip SpeedUp to 550 m/s
Turbine Wheel Diameter60 – 125 mm approximately
Maximum Rotor Length200 mm approximately (back face of turbine to end of shaft)

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