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VTR 100

The Turbo Technics VTR (Vane-flow Test Rig) machines are built at the TT UK head quarters to enable the measurement and adjustment of mass air flow through variable geometry turbochargers. The machine has been designed to include automatic compensation for atmospheric pressure and temperature, providing consistent results in different environments.

The VTR100 is a simplified version of the VTR200, suitable for all passenger car and light commercial turbo applications, and is built to suit the needs of the smaller workshop. It is designed to set VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbocharger) mechanisms to the required gas flow using TT-generated software templates. In addition to the extensive range of TT supplied templates, customer operators can create their own templates.

VTR 100
VTR 100


Flow Setting Process

This machine has the capability to control pneumatic actuators including vacuum, pressure and vacuum with position sensors providing voltage feedback. Turbos which use electronic actuators can also be tested using an electronic actuator tester/programmer the ATP 100 (available separately or integrated into the machine if bought together)

Atmospheric pressure, altitude and temperature correction is incorporated within the software. Flow setting on the VTR 100 takes place with the turbo fully assembled, placing it in the cradle and connecting the air supply by means of magnetic inlet and outlet adaptors to suit a range of different turbocharger flange types including single flange, V-band and manifold.

Compressed air is supplied at precisely controlled pressure and the flow measured. Correction for altitude and temperature is applied and compared to the template. A ‘live’ adjustment is then made to the turbo’s VNT mechanism until a pass is achieved.

Importantly, the machine operation closely follows the methods used by OEMs on their production lines, giving a reliable setting procedure for the remanufacture industry.

VTR 100 benefits &

Key Features

The VTR 100 is designed for high versatility and quick model change. The compact footprint, speed of operation and simplicity of integration make it perfect for the small workshop.

VTR 100 benefits &

Key Features

  • Economically priced machine for the smaller workshop
  • Suitable for testing car and light commercial vehicles
  • Wide range of adapters and accessories
  • Quick model change over
  • Automatic atmospheric pressure & temperature correction
  • Standard single phase electrical connection
  • Excellent air efficiency
  • Robust steel cabinet
  • Integrated noise reduction
  • Small footprint
  • Touch-screen computer operation
  • Intuitive operation – free training at UK headquarters
  • Extensive template database
  • User interface language options
  • Built in calibration
  • Remote technical support and software updates via internet
  • Fully tested and calibrated prior to delivery
  • PAT tested, CE certificated
  • UK manufacture
  • 24 month warranty

The VTR 100 is designed for high versatility and quick model change. The compact footprint, speed of operation and simplicity of integration make it perfect for the small workshop.

Latest Technology

UK Design & Build

As with all TT machines, the VTR 100 uses the latest touch-screen technology, an intuitive interface and in-built connectivity which allows remote technical support from TT via the internet. The easy to use software can be quickly mastered in a few hours with additional free training available at TT UK HQ if required.

All Turbo Technics machines are designed and built in the UK and available through the TT distributor network.

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