Turbo Reman Process



Turbo Technics opened its manufacturing facility in 1981, and today occupies a large industrial unit in Northampton, including a dedicated clean turbo assembly workshop. 

This is where old, failed and worn out turbochargers are sent for the start of a process which will thoroughly inspect and prepare each individual component part. Then on to turbo assembly, and the VSR™/VTR test procedure, and finally packing and despatch. 

Turbo Reman Process
Turbo Reman Process



The remanufacturing process starts with an initial turbocharger inspection and grading. Using specialist equipment to maintain component integrity, each turbo is stripped to individual components ready for degreasing.

All turbocharger components are inspected to assess condition and suitability for re-use. All bearings, seals, studs, bolts and hoses are discarded and components not meeting the required standards set by Turbo Technics are replaced with brand new items. 


Renewal & Repair

Parts Preparation

Housings are refurbished, actuators tested, wastegates overhauled, bearing housings, compressor wheels and turbine wheels examined for wear or damage.  VNT mechanisms and other small parts are ultrasonically treated to ensure total cleanliness.

New parts are drawn from a computerised carousel storage system located close to the assembly line.

Turbo Reman Process
Turbo Reman Process

Assembly & Balancing

Core Build

The assembly of each turbo is carried out by experienced staff in a dedicated clean workshop equipped with specialised tools and equipment.

The rotating components are assembled into the bearing housing, then tested using a TT VSR™ balancing machine at speeds that can exceed 250,000 RPM depending on the turbo size. Adjustments are made to the rotating assembly until the vibration results are within prescribed limits. A certificate recording the vibration signature is included with every Turbo Technics exchange turbo.

Setting up

Final Turbo Build

The balanced turbocharger rotating assembly is then fitted into its compressor and turbine housings.

Wastegated units are completed and the actuator calibrated to achieve the required boost pressure. In most cases, this ensures that further boost pressure adjustments are not necessary.

VNT units are fully assembled and tested on the TT VTR flow rig. Depending on the type of actuator fitted, the procedure will set the vane-flow to the values used for the OE turbocharger. This ensures the turbo will operate correctly when fitted.

Turbo Reman Process
Turbo Reman Process

Ready to Fit


Final inspection is carried out and a unique Turbo Technics identity plate attached to the turbo. This records all relevant information for future reference.

This completes the manufacturing process, the turbo is now finished and ready to fit.

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