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Developing turbochargers for motorsport applications is a complex business but one that Turbo Technics excels at. TT has developed solutions for in-house competition vehicles, engine developers and major automotive manufacturers. Racing and rallying turbos have been in TT’s DNA for almost four decades and in that time TT development programmes have tested turbos on the toughest racing circuits and rally stages in the world, with many of motorsport’s leading teams.

Motorsport Competition Turbo
Motorsport Competition Turbo

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Engineering the turbo

The key to developing a turbocharger for motorsport is an implicit understanding of what the application requires.  For example, a turbo for a racing application may need to be optimised at mid to high engine revs whereas a rally engine may need to give near-instant response when used in conjunction with a restriction device to optimise matching across the speed range.  These differing applications will need quite different engineering solutions, so a full consultation with the client at the start of the project is essential to establish exactly what is required – whatever the application.

The demands on a competition turbocharger are huge, both mechanically and aerodynamically, and all TT competition turbos are built to cope.  Typically, this will mean increasing the load capacity of the bearings, strengthening and increasing the flow capability of the compressor and turbine, and re-matching the wastegate or VNT mechanism.  The final design will be built and checked by TT’s specialised turbocharger assembly team and tested to high speed on TT VSR™ machines to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Dedicated to performance


Turbo Technics remains totally committed to excellence in the design and development of high-performance turbochargers.  If a suitable solution is not available off-the-shelf, then TT’s dedicated engineering department will develop one. Many models use purpose made components from TT’s own tooling to precisely match performance requirements. With expert engineering capability and in-house manufacturing, combined with years of experience, Turbo Technics produce turbos that not only satisfy the performance requirements, but do so reliably.

Motorsport Competition Turbo

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