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A faulty turbo can cause engine performance issues, MOT failure and, in extreme cases, cause engine damage. Replacement turbos from the manufacturer can be expensive and may not be immediately available.

Turbo Technics can replace your failed turbo from a range of cost-effective turbochargers, either remanufactured or brand new.  These are engineered, assembled and calibrated in-house as direct replacements for most car and light commercial vehicle models, available off-the-shelf.

Turbo Fault


Typical Turbo Faults

SymptomDiagnostic Action
Low boost – wastegated turboCheck wastegate and actuator operation
Low or high boost – VNT turboCheck VNT and actuator operation
Low Boost – all turbosCheck turbo compressor & turbine blades
Low Boost – all turbosCheck all air pipework and intercoolers for leakage
Low Boost – all turbosCheck for blockage in exhaust system
Low Boost – all turbosCheck air filter for blockage
SymptomDiagnostic Action
‘Squealing’ noise on boostCheck manifold bolts for tightness, gasket for leaks
‘Howling’ noise from turbochargerDetermine reason for failure – repair or replace turbo
Air sound on boostCheck hoses and intercooler for leaks and replace
‘Screaming’ noise from exhaustCheck silencers & catalytic converter for blockage
SymptomDiagnostic Action
Blue exhaust smoke at hot idleDetermine reason for failure – repair or replace turbo
Blue smoke while runningBlocked air filter
Blue smoke at idleRestricted oil drain pipe from turbocharger
Blue smoke at idleIncorrect operation of crankcase breather system
Blue smoke at idleChange engine oil and filter-overhaul or replace turbo

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