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Turbo Technics started producing hybrid performance turbos as long ago as 1985, and today continues to lead in this specialised field. TT engineers have a comprehensive range of components to choose from when developing the latest hybrid turbochargers, as well as the expertise and manufacturing capability at their disposal to develop and make any bespoke parts from scratch if required.

Whilst others may settle for minimal modifications to achieve a desired power figure, TT engineers carefully assess the limitations of the stock turbocharger, before designing a comprehensive upgrade to improve all areas of the turbocharger assembly, not just the primary rotating components. This often requires innovation, going beyond the typical modifications for any given component, and developing new modification techniques and assembly concepts to extract greater performance from existing parts.

The ability to design and manufacture bespoke parts, combined with thorough assembly techniques and a willingness to innovate, sets Turbo Technics apart from others in producing very effective hybrid turbos. Put simply, TT makes hybrid turbos that perform better and last longer than any other.



In many cases, extracting the maximum potential from existing components, even through extensive modification, is simply not enough.  Taking an ability to design and manufacture bespoke parts to the extreme, Turbo Technics offer complete bespoke performance turbochargers for a number of select applications. These usually take the form of a unit which fits directly to the vehicle on the turbine side, supplied with a fitting kit for other connections and often include upgraded air hoses.

Without the limitation of existing components, TT’s engineers are free to design turbochargers with much greater performance potential than could ever be achieved from a hybrid.  In some cases, the turbo model is changed completely from the original, offering a significant increase in flow capability and durability, whilst maintaining out-of-the-box fitment. Turbo Technics bespoke performance turbochargers offer the ultimate bolt-on performance turbo solution for those that wish to exceed the performance levels achievable from a hybrid.



With a dedicated engineering department, Turbo Technics remains totally committed to excellence in the design and development of high-performance turbochargers.

Turbo Technics has over 35 years’ experience innovating, developing and applying performance turbocharger technology.  Employing this knowledge through specialised engineering and extensive manufacturing capabilities results in performance turbo products that far exceed the competition.  The goal has always been to achieve optimal drivability for a given level of performance, whilst maintaining reliability, and TT’s experience and manufacturing capability allow this to be attained.

Engineered using race turbo technology to give your car maximum power and driveability, a hybrid or bespoke performance turbo from TT is a true performance thoroughbred.

Every turbo is VSR™-tested and race-balanced up to high speed to guarantee performance and reliability.

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Genuine TT hybrid turbos are unrivalled in balancing high performance with drivability to produce the ultimate driving experience.

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