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Since the second world war, the demand for turbochargers has significantly increased. At some point, the turbo became one of the most popular parts in the auto market. Commercial automotive parts remanufacturing has developed over time as a business and it is anticipated that this growth shall continue due to the high cost of purchasing a new replacement unit as well as the increasing focus on environmental benefits. The remanufacturing process requires only around 15% of the energy required for producing a new turbocharger unit, therefore, using remanufactured units will impact future generations positively. Remanufactured turbochargers are cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly choice when your turbo unit fails. A quality remanufactured turbo means it should meet or exceed OE specifications.

Why people don’t want to buy a remanufactured unit?

Despite these obvious benefits of using a remanufactured unit, there is still some reluctance among car owners in buying a remanufactured unit. One of the main reasons for this is having a negative experience after using a poorly manufactured turbo unit in the past. Some garages offer of inexpensive servicing costs comes at the expense of poor service and a complete disregard for the safety of your engine. So, it is more important than ever to protect the reputation of the remanufacturing industry by producing cost-effective but thoroughly functional new units that have been put through rigorous testing before reaching the garage mechanic.

The quality – more important than ever

In terms of reaching the high quality in any remanufactured unit, the crucial point in the process is the balancing of the turbocharger. Turbo Technics takes pride in the quality and variety of balance and flow machines that we offer. Based on nearly 40 years’ experience in the turbo industry, we are confident in the quality and longevity of our machines. Also, innovation has been always important to us, coming out with new products such as VSR4 Gen2 helps us maintain our leading position in the market.

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