VSR4 GEN2 – New High Speed Balancing Machine


Turbo Technics influence the testing equipment industry by their latest technology development.

The original VSR™ or Vibration Sorting Rig was first launched in 1984 in response to the problem of vibration occurring at high speed in turbochargers fitted to passenger cars.

The VSR™ was designed to measure vibration within the complete rotating assembly at speeds similar to the level seen in the vehicle and allow for adjustments to be made to ensure prolonged reliability of the completed unit.

Building on the successes of the VSR400 series and from nearly 40 years of experience in the industry comes the very latest in turbo balancing technology, the VSR4 GEN2, aimed at OEMs, higher volume remanufacturing facilities and aftermarket suppliers.

This latest addition to the world-renowned range brings welcome improvements and benefits to increase production while reducing costs.

Some of the GEN2 features are:

  • Increased core capacity – this next generation machine will allow a larger range of core sizes covering cars and trucks with up to 86mm diameter turbine wheel.
  • Cost effective adapters ­- reduced cost housing adapters compared to the VSR400 series.
  • Turbo Technics patented drive system – for maximum air efficiency and speed.
  • Automatic test cycle with manual option – automatic test cycle provides repeatable test sequences every time for the production environment.
  • The manual option provides flexibility to perform one-off jobs, prototypes or development work without the need to create a specific template.
  • Improved speed sensor & cutter arm operation – stepper motor driven slider for speed sensor and cutter arm positioning. Reduces the cycle time and improves accuracy of sensor positioning and repeatability of reading.


Because of its turbo-centric nature, no other manufacturer understands customers’ expectations like Turbo Technics. The organisation supplies balancing equipment to over 40 countries alongside comprehensive customer support. Both OE and remanufacturers use Turbo Technics equipment to balance over 2 million turbochargers annually.

The new VSR4 GEN2 machine is available directly from the Turbo Technics facility in Northampton or from our approved distributors.

Contact us for further details.

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