Avo Technics Suspension Manufacturing Update


In a strategic move to enhance efficiency and productivity, Turbo Technics has completed a comprehensive internal reorganization of its manufacturing facilities, resulting in significant progress in the production of AVO-Technics suspension units.

The centrepiece of this reorganization is the transformation of the machine shop, which has undergone extensive restructuring to accommodate the additional special purpose machines required for damper unit production. This investment underscores Turbo Technics’ commitment to meeting growing demand while maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision.

Furthermore, a dedicated space within a separate clean building has been allocated for suspension unit assembly, a critical step in ensuring optimal conditions for the assembly process. This facility also houses turbo assembly operations, streamlining production workflows and fostering synergy between the different product lines.

A key challenge in this reorganization effort has been the seamless integration of AVO designs and drawings with the Turbo Technics system. This integration is essential for effective engineering control, enabling robust quality checks and efficient stock control procedures. Turbo Technics’ meticulous attention to detail in this regard underscores its dedication to delivering superior products to customers.

With these strategic enhancements in place, Turbo Technics is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for AVO-Technics suspension units while maintaining its reputation for excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

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