Suspension Manufacturing with Avo Technics Brand


Turbo Technics, a leading name in turbocharger technology, is expanding its product range by stepping into the world of suspension manufacturing. The company is taking over the manufacture of suspension units from AVO UK, marking a strategic move into this specialised market. The newly manufactured suspension units will be marketed under the name AVO-TECHNICS.

With a rich history in engineering excellence, TT is set to apply its expertise in precision manufacturing to produce AVO-TECHNICS suspension units. The initial focus will be on the existing line of dampers and coil-over suspension units, showcasing a commitment to quality and performance.

Production is scheduled to commence in February 2024, and AVO-TECHNICS is poised to benefit from Turbo Technics’ decades of experience in delivering cutting-edge automotive solutions.

Geoff Kershaw, CEO of Turbo Technics, expressed enthusiasm about the venture, stating, “This move aligns with our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are excited to bring our precision engineering skills to the world of suspension with AVO-TECHNICS.”

Turbo Technics is a renowned name in the automotive industry, specialising in turbocharger technology and precision engineering. With a history spanning over four decades, the company has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions for automotive performance.

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