A message from Martin Cowley. I would like to start by giving a massive thank you to Turbo Technics for their continued and much appreciated support throughout the 2022 season and for contributing towards keeping my dreams and aspirations alive within my Drifting.

I’ve managed to compete in three different championships across the UK, achieving a few trophies along the journey.

The car has sustained well throughout the season. Despite a tremendous amount of strain from attending over 15 main events, it didn’t let us down once.

One of the most memorable highlights for me this year was having the honour of taking the Owner of TT, Geoff Kershaw out for a few laps around Silverstone and giving him the experience of what Drifting is about.

So as we move into the off-season for some much needed R&R, I’ll be adding some upgrades to the car and preparing for the new season with a whole new livery. I’m excited to see what 2023 brings.

Thank you,
Martyn Cowley

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