Turbo Technics is 40


Today, Turbo Technics celebrates 40 years of design and innovation in turbocharger technology since first opening its doors on 1st June 1981.  

Much has changed in the turbocharger industry over the past four decades, and Turbo Technics have played a large part throughout.  TT conversion kits made high performance tuning accessible to a large consumer market, and we continue to lead the way in convenient performance upgrades with our hybrid and bespoke performance turbochargers.  In the commercial market, Turbo Technics VSR balancing and flow test machines have transformed the global turbocharger manufacturing industry, also contributing to an increase in the number and quality of aftermarket manufacturers and remanufacturers around the world.  There are many achievements to be proud of from our 40 year history, and we think this is worth celebrating.

We have put together a timeline of notable events from our 40 year history, to showcase some of our many succesful developments and achievements.

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